Friday, June 22, 2012

Le Grand Château Frontenac

We had a busy day on Thursday with two excursions in Vieux Québec.  We visited the Château Frontenac, the iconic image of Québec and one of the most photographed hotels in the world.  Its magical presence can be seen and felt throughout la haute et la basse ville de Québec.

Named for the most prominent and longest serving (1672-1698) Governors of New France, the Comte de Frontenac, the hotel was built by the Canadian Pacific Railroad Company as a luxury hotel in 1893.

Its luxurious halls and ballrooms have played host to several important events including:  Will and Kate's visit to Canada last year, a 1953 Hitchcock film Confess, and the Québec Conference in 1943 which saw the meeting of Churchill, Roosevelt and McKenzie King to plan strategy for WWII.

The Hotel boasts 618 rooms and 18 floors which have had many additions and renovations throughout the years.  In fact, because of renovations this year, the costumed guided tours were suspended and we had to do our own tour and exploration of the hotel.

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