Saturday, June 30, 2012

Les Baleines de Tadoussac

Today, I took a day trip up the St. Lawrence river to Tadoussac, the site of magnificent whale watching.  I have never done this before and decided to celebrate the end of the program with this excursion into unknown waters.  Wow, it was magnificent!  A three hour cruise on a small ferry-like boat allowed us to observe seals, otters, beluga, fin-back and minke whales.  They were quick in their dives, so it was difficult to catch them by photo but it was spectacular.  (The white dots are two beluga whales off the side of the boat).  The weather was drizzly, which made for some great colours and cloud formations in the sky.

Aside from the whales and other marine life, the landscape was breathtaking, especially the fjord and its waterfall (la Chute du Caribou) which separates Baie de Ste Catherine from Tadoussac.  The river is very wide at this point (25 km between each shore - the south shore is the Gaspé peninsula) and it is a majestic view of this massive body of water that flows into the Atlantic ocean 800 kms from this point.  We wondered what Jacques Cartier thought when he first entered the mouth of the St. Lawrence over 500 years ago.

Le Canada est beau, n'est-ce pas?

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  1. Looks like a perfect way to spend the day :-) Sounds amazing!